Dynair Ancillary control systems

These sensors and monitoring systems are suitable for the detection of various gases. Available in multiple different versions, designed for different size premises and types of gases, with a wide variety of compatible accessories.


Available models:

  • CE 408:
    • Gas control panels for small systems with 4-8 CO sensors
    • Equipped with 4 inputs and 5 relays, expandable up to 8 inputs and 9 relays
  • CE 424:
    • Gas control panels for medium-sized systems with 4-24 CO sensors
    • Equipped with 4 inputs and 25 relays
  • CE 700:
    • Gas control panels for large systems up to 200 CO sensors
    • Equipped with 16 inputs, expandable up to 200 CO sensors
    • Available in a wall-mount or rack version
  • Industrial gas sensors:
    • Industrial gas detectors with replaceable catalytic, electrochemical, pellistor or infrared sensor cartridges. Suitable for CO, patrol vapours, and other gases on request, according to the pertaining standards.

See the catalogue, for the wide variety of accessories.
Regarding model choice and sizing, please contact us.

For furhter details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.