Dynair REC 320 TC Centralized HRU with control Touch Panel – Vertical Installation


  • Casing made from galvanized steel sheet, with an epoxy coating.
  • PPE inner panels, for outstanding heat- and sound insulation.
  • G4 class integrated filtering system.

Comes with a “Touch Panel” remote, with a color screen.
The panel allows manual or automatic management of the following settings during weekly programming:

    • Ventilation level.
    • Ventilation mode (“by-pass”, “free-cooling” ventilation without heat recovery, extraction only, or induction only)
    • Adjustable moisture level, at which the fan speed increases.
    • Post-ventilation settings, where a timer between 0 and 30 minutes is adjustable, to delay the switch to idle speed.
    • Sleep mode, which allows the device to run with extra low noise during nighttime.

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.