Dynair REIDUCT-C Aeraulic circular ducting systems

The REIDUCT-C series are a circular cross-section airvent systems, featuring a double-walled metal duct sections made from embossed aluminium. They are certified for fire resistance according to the UNI-EN 1366-1:2014 standard, and feature EI120 class fire protection, according to the UNI EN 13501-3 + A1 2009 standard. The series features ducts, curves and many different adapters, all suitable for horizontal or vertical installation. The internal wall features a conical joint made from AISI316L stainless steel. These products feature great smoke tightness, with a loss of less than 10 m3/m2. Air tightness of these ducts is Class C (2,000 Pa), as defined by the UNI EN 1507: 2008 standard.


Available sizes:

  • Inner diameter: 200/250/300 mm
  • Useful length: 194/444/944 mm
  • Standard length: 1340 mm

These ducts are compatible with the SVP fire-extinguishing systems.

Also available with a rectangular cross-section: REIDUCT-Q.

For the complete product range, see the catalogue.

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