Dynair AC-A and AC-B Ring axial fans


The fans of the AC series are suitable for the ventilation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in which are requested relevant air deliveries without canalization.

They are also suitable as OEM in a wide variety of applications. With the addition of a suitable wall mounting square frame adaptor, the AC fans (from size 800 to 1250) can be converted in a wall mounted fan (like QC range).
The series includes 2 versions: AC/A and AC/B, with impeller diameter from 300 a 1250 mm and different motor polarity. The AC-A model has a shaped cone in the inlet side, while for the AC/B the shaped cone is present also on the outlet. They are designed for clean air in the temperature range -10°C 50°C.
The optimized inlet cone reduces noise level and increases the efficiency.

Upon request:

  • Impeller with airfoil blades in die-cast aluminium alloy
  • Airflow from impeller to motor (only AC/B)