Dynair BOX-T HT Belt driven double inlet box fans F400

The belt-driven double inlet BOX-T HT fans are designed to be used in industrial plants, which require fire smoke to be exhausted out. These fans are suitable for conveying clean air and non-dusty smoke up to 200°C in continuous operation, and up to 400°C for a period of 2 hours in case of an emergency. This series of fans are F400 certified by the independent APPLUS committee, according to EN12101-3 standards.




  • Dismountable cabinet made from galvanized steel sheet. Double inlet impeller with forward curved blades made out of galvanized steel sheet.
  • Belt coupling with self-aligning supports, outside the path of airflow. Height adjustable motor support plate for the tensioning of the belt. Belt coupling protected by a galvanized steel guard.
  • Asynchronous three-phase motor, with IP55 grade protection and class F insulation, available in single- or double polarity versions in B3 standard mounting type. Suitable for continuos “S1” service at constant load.
  • Arrangement 9: belt coupling with motor placed on the upper panel.
  • Arrangement 12: belt coupling with motor placed aside on a common basement (only for motors above 7.5 kW)

Available upon request:

  • Double polarity motor.