Dynair TA-HT High performance duct axial fans F300/120 – F400

The TA-HT fans are designed for applications requiring an absolute conformity to high specifications in terms of pressure and air volume. The TA-HT series are particularly robust and long-lasting, with high performance, thanks to their aerdoynamically optimized aerofoil blades. The long casing allows for easy installation. These fans are available with 2,4,6, or even 8 pole motors, and 6,9, or 12 blade impellers. They are suitable for extraction of clean air between -20°C and +70°C in continuous operation, and are F300/120 and F400 certified by the independent APPLUS committee, according to the EN 12101-3 standard. The ErP conformity can be selected via the aid of the Blowdyn 2.0 software, or by contacting KOMPEL Kft. directly.

Az ErP szabályoknak megfelelő modell kiválasztásában a Blowdyn 2.0 szoftver segít, vagy keresse fel nyugodtan a KOMPEL Kft-t.

Diameter: 400 – 1 600 mm
Airflow: up to 165 000 m3/h
Max static pressure rise: 2 200 Pa
Max temperature in continuous operation: 70 °C.

Available with the following certifications:

F400 (+400°C for up to 2 hours),

F300 (+300°C for up to an hour),

F200 (+200°C for up to 2 hours),

F300/120 (+300°C for up to 2 hours).




  • Long casing made from steel sheet, painted in epoxy, equipped with fixing flanges, manufactured in compliance with the UNI ISO 6580-EUROVENT standard.
  • High performance axial impeller with aerofoil blades, made completely out of die-cast aluminium. Balanced according to ISO 1940 standard. The pitch angle of the blades can be adjusted when stationary.
  • Inspection door.
  • Asynchronous three-phase IE2 motors,CE marked, with IP55 protection and Class H insulation, compliant with the following international standards: IEC 60034, IEC 60072, EMC 2014/30/UE, LVD 2014/35/UE.
  • Impeller coupled directly to the motor.
  • Suitable for S1 service(continuous operation at constant load).


  • Inlet/outlet cone (CCbo)
  • Damper (CCda)
  • Outlet terminal (CCot)
  • High temp flexible joint (CCga-HT)
  • Flat protection grid (CCr)
  • Support feet (CCst)
  • Counter flange (CCf)
  • Counter flange with collar (CCfc)
  • Cylindrical silencers with or without pod (CCsa/CCsb)
  • Anti-vibration mounts

Available upon request:

  • Casing protected against atmospheric agents by hot dip galvanizing
  • High temperature external terminal box
  • IE3 motor
  • 2 speed version
  • Reversible models

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.