Dynair QCS small capacity axial fans

The QCS series of compact axial fans are suitable for the ventilation of moderately sized premises, offices, laboratires, shops, etc. They can be mounted directly onto a wall, or to any adequately sized structure. Available in 4 different sizes, the main selling point of this series is the competitive price. They are designed for clean air in temperatures between -10°C and +40°C.

This product complies with the European Union’s ecodesign directive.
ErP Directive compliant fans




  • Mounting frame made from drawn steel sheet, with wide radius inlet cone, coated in epoxy.
  • Impeller made out of drawn aluminium, with an aerodynamically optimized design, to grant maximum efficiency.
  • Impeller coupled directly to the motor, with airflow from motor to impeller.
  • Inlet protection guard made from steel rods, in compliance with EN ISO 12499 standard, with weatherproof coating.
  • Shielded pole, single-phase motor, with IP20 protection, class B insulation, equipped with a power cable and built-in thermal protection. Suitable for S1 Service (continuous operation at constant load).


  • Gravity shutter (S)
  • Spacer made out of steel sheet, coated in epoxy (D)
  • Impeller side protection guard, manufactured according to UNI ISO 12499 regulations, protected against atmospheric agents (R)

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