Dynair CCP portable duct axial fans

The CCP series of fans are designed for situations where powerful airflow is necessary; for instance: creating visual effects in theratres or movie sets,  or to provide adequate cooling for people working close to high temperature heat sources (mancooler).  Thanks to its stable feet and adjustable mount, the device can be easily moved and set in the most suitable position and orientation. Suitable for clean air in temperatures ranging from -15°C to +50°C in continuous service. The  CCP fan is equipped with an electrical plug mounted on the casing in order to provide easy electrical connection.

This product complies with the European Union’s ecodesign directive.
ErP Directive compliant fans



  • Casing made out of steel sheet and stand made from tubular metal, protected against atmospheric agents with epoxy coating. Knobs on the side of the casing allow for precise adjustments.
  • Protection guard on both inlet and outlet sides, made in compliance with UNI 12499 regulations.
  • Aerofoil profile impeller blades made out of reinforced plastic (mineral fiber reinforced technopolymer) for models 310 to 400, while the 450 and 560 models feature a die cast aluminium impeller.
  • Impeller coupled directly to motor, with airflow going from motor to impeller.
  • External rotor, single-phase variable speed, or three-phase dual speed motors, with built-in thermal protection. All motors come with external connection box.

630 and 710 models are available upon request.

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.