Dynair REC Pro 75 High efficiency HRU

The REC PRO 75 series of industrial heat recovery units are designed to be integrated into the ventilation systems of large buildings, providing high performance and low energy consumption. They are equipped with a high efficiency, counter flow plate heat exchanger with up to 75% heat recovery, which complies with the latest EU 1253/2014 regulations. The filters are also highly efficient, with barely any pressure drop; an F7 class filter on the exhaust side, and an M5 class filter on the intake side. The fan features a backward curved blade impeller, coupled directly to the EC motors, which provide low energy consumption. These units can be easilyy integrated into pre-existing ventilation systems, available in 7 different sizes in both horizontal and vertical orientation, with performance ranging from 450 to 5500 m3/h.

This product complies with the European Union’s ecodesign directive.



  • Casing made from double-layer side panels with 25 mm thick rockwool insulation, with AS120 class fire protection. External panels are painted steel sheets, while internal panels are made from galvanized steel.
  • Integrated by-pass system with electronic actuator, for free-cooling mode (ventilation without heat recovery).
  • The filters can be reached from the side through the hinged doors. The complete device can be accessed by lifting off the panels.
  • These units come with an electronic controller, for adjusting the ventilation speed and temperature, monitoring the state of the filters, weekly programming of operations, defrost management and anti-freeze mode for the additional water coil module.
  • See catalogue for a wide range of accessories.

Available upon request:

  • AQS –  CO2 sensor
  • DPS – pressure difference sensor

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.