Dynair REC Pro 90 High efficiency HRU


  • Casing with double skin panels in galvanized metal sheet, 42mm thick
  • External panels in prepainted galvanized steel RAL 9002
  • Internally insulated with thermo-acoustic fire-proof rockwool insulation
  • Extremely high efficiency heat recovery unit (>90%) in counter-flow aluminium plates
  • Integrated by-pass system with actuator, for free-cooling operations
  • M5 efficiency class filters on exhaust and F7 on intake, efficiency calculated according to EN 779:2012
  • Backward curved blades directly coupled with EC motors
  • Integrated control board with electronic control of all the functions: ventilation and temperature control, monitoring of the status of the filters, week programming, defrost management and anti-freeze device, fire alarm and Modbus interface.


A wide range of accessories is available: consult the catalogue


The heat recovery units of the REC PRO 90 series are designed to match the need to equip the buildings with ventilation systems which can combine low energy consumption, high aeraulic performance and high indoor air quality.

In accordance with the new EU 1253/2014 norm, they are equipped with a high efficiency counterflow plate heat recovery unit (in dry conditions, superior to the minimum efficiency prescribed by the law of 67%), with filters with extremely low pressure drops (F7 on fresh air and M5 on room air exhaust, efficiency calculated according to EN 779:2012) and with backward-curved blades fans, directly coupled with EC motors, guaranteeing power absorptions well below the limits indicated by the norm.

Extremely high efficiency heat recovery unit (>90%) in counter-flow.
They can easily be integrated with conventional heating and air-conditioning systems and their construction is optimized for a ducted installation in false ceilings and for an all-seasons operation.
The series is available in both vertical and horizontal configuration and in 6 sizes with performances ranking from 450 to max 4.100 m3/h