Portable centrifugal fan powered by a Honda engine

KOMPEL Kft. offers a wide variety of high performance, efficient, and easily portable fans and other ventilation devices. Closed space ventilation, and ventilation of areas with toxic, flammable gases require complete compliance with safety guidelines, prescribed by the pertaining authorities. Such environments include tunnels, basements, manholes, silos, petrochemical plants, wells, fuel stations, warehouses, mines, laboratories, confined space excavations, gas distribution networks and many other places.  The unique system to fit the hoses onto the devices allows quick setup, by simply buttoning up the hose to the pins on the device by hand. The polyetylene volute and impeller can be washed by hand, and reqiure minimal maintenance. The whole machine is very robust, thanks to the polyetylene and stainless steel construction, which are resistant to impacts, rust and even the majority od acidic chemical agents.


Safety notes regarding the use of aspirators:

For maximum safety, never use any ventilator if the nature of the fumes is unknown, or the gases to be extracted could be flammable, or even explosive. In these cases, only positive ventilation can be used, blowing into the contaminated area, creating an „air wash” without sucking any gases up with the device.

Extraction and then  pressurization of explosive gases can make them even more explosive and reactive to any spark or flame.

The hydraulic, single-phase, or electric single-phase models can only extract toxic or poisonous but not explosive fumes, such as exhaust gases, welding fumes, CO2, etc.

There have been many cases where in attempt to help a victim, stunned by gas, the rescuers didn’t realise the cause of the accident, and they too were fatally poisoned.

Some toxic gases, and even the lack of oxygen are odourless, and can be fatal without any sign of danger.

Construction and specifications:

  • HO727 version powered by a Honda GX120 3 hp (2,2 kW) pull start engine (ENGINE DETAILS)
  • The whole device weighs 24 kg
  • Airflow: up to 2100m3/h
  • Outlet diameter: 20 cm
  • Frame made from stainles steel, featuring a carrying handle
  • Volute casing made out of polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 600 x 570 x 740 mm

Available in electric (HE828) and hydraulic (PE18H) versions as well.

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.