Dynair S-CUBE KAT Backward curve centrifugal box fans – High temperature for industrial kitchens


  • Aluminium frame with double skin sound absorbing insulated panels removable from the impeller side
  • Motor external to the stream, B5 execution directly coupled to the impeller
  • Sound absorbing and self-extinguishing material between the steel sheet layers of the panels
  • Galvanized steel sheet backward curved impeller dynamically balanced according to ISO1940
  • Punched mounting feet for an easy handling and fixing
  • Asynchronous squirrel cage three-phase or single-phase motors according to international standards IEC 60034, IEC 60072, EMC 2014/30/UE, LVD 2014/35/UE, CE marked, IP 55, Class F Suitable to S1 service (continuous running with constant load)


  • Water-proof protection cover
  • Anti-vibration supports
  • Floor support feet
  • Round spigot inlet cone
  • Square to round outlet adaptor
  • Flexible connector (on demand from model 35, yo be coupled with round spigot inlet cone or square to round outlet adaptor)
  • Service switch IP67
  • Grease collector tray



S-CUBE KAT box fans are designed for ducted or direct industrial kitchen ventilation.

Designed for an easy installation, S-CUBE KAT motor is separated from the stream by a steel sheet panel which avoids the heating and the direct contact of the motor with dirty particles (grease and combustion residuals coming from the stoves), reducing the need of maintenance and cleaning operations.
Double skin acoustically insulated panels reduce the noise level for a better comfort also in case of indoor installations. Suitable to convey clean and dusty air in a wide range of temperature, from 100°C up to 180°C.
Highly silenced thanks to the backward curved impeller and double skin insulated panels. S-CUBE KAT can be speed regulated through a self-transformer controller.


S-CUBE K-AT installation is easy thanks to the highly flexible positioning of the product. Indeed, this box fan can be indifferently installed in both vertical and horizontal position and is suitable for outdoor installations (we suggest the use of a water-proof protection cover, available on request as accessory).

The series is not affected by the ErP Directive 2009/125/CE and further Regulations.