Dynair FC 2V dual-speed centrifugal roof fans with horinzontal discharge

This series of fans features a unique, three-phase motor, with the ability to switch between star and delta configurations, in order to provide two different operating speeds. The motor is outside the path of airflow, allowing  efficient extraction of clean or even slightly dusty air, with temperatures up to 100°C. These fans are suitable for direct or ducted extraction, in residential, commercial, or even industrial applications. Their ingenious design allows for easy installation and smooth, efficient, low noise operation. The FC-2V version features horizontal, the FCV-2V vertical discharge. Available in multiple different sizes; from 600 to 1100mm in diameter.

This product complies with the European Union’s ecodesign directive.
ErP Directive compliant fans




  • Mounting plate made from galvanized steel.
  • Protective shroud manufactured from drawn steel rods, compliant with UNI 10615:1997 regulations.
  • Backward curved blade impeller made from galvanized steel, designed for high efficiency and low noise operation, balanced statically and dynamically according to the ISO 1940 standard.
  • Asynchronous, double polarity three-phase motor, CE marked,equipped with IP55 grade protection, Class F insulation, compliant with the following standards: IEC 60034, Iec 60072, EMC 2014/30/UE, LVD 2014/35/UE.
  • Upper cover made from ABS plastic, featuring cooling slots for the motor.


  • Backdraught gravity shutters (TS)
  • Silencer(GR)
  • Mounting plate for corrugated roofs (BA)
  • Inlet protection guard(RA)
  • Service switch
  • Silenced mounting plate (PB)

Special versions:

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