Dynair REC SanAir Decentralized HRU

The REC SanAir series of decentralized heat recovery units provide a thermal efficiency of up to 82%, featuring an enthalpy heat exchanger, designed for residential application. The devices are equipped with a highly effective filtering system, featuring F8 and G4 class filters, allowing the filtration of at least 98% of PM2.5 , 99% of PM10, and 100% of pollens. The device is incredibly thin, with an aesthetically pleasing design, and can be easily mounted onto a wall or window frame, thanks to its light weight. 5 different ventilation levels are available, from 15 to 41 m3/h. Featuring a “free-cooling”  mode (ventilation without heat recovery), and anti-freeze function, this device consumes very little energy (as low as 4W), and operates with an incredibly low noise level.  The REC SanAir also comes with a remote, for setting the ventilation level and the different modes (with a timer up to 10 hours).

This product complies with the European Union’s ecodesign directive.


Available models:

  • REC SanAir WALL
    • Can be installed on any perimeter wall.
    • This unique model is suitable for both vertical or horizontal installation.
    • Easy installation: only 2 holes with 100 mm diameter are necessary.
  • REC SanAir IN WALL
    • Can be installed on any perimeter wall.
    • Built-in design, the device is flush with the wall, suitable for both vertical or horizontal installation.
    • Can be mounted on any window frame, up to 180 mm of width and 3000 mm of length.

The exact dimensions can be seen in the catalogue.

For further details, feel free to contact KOMPEL Kft.